MindSonar® Certification

What is MindSonar®?

MindSonar is a new type of psychological measurement: it is completely contextualized. MindSonar does not measure who you are, but how you think because you are so much more. You often think differently when you are in a different situation. MindSonar measures 13 Meta Programs and 7 Graves Drives.

Why MindSonar®?

HR professionals, trainers, consultants and coaches use MindSonar to help individual clients with their personal development. They help organizations understand how key people think. They use MindSonar for ream building, training, recruitment and coaching.

What Can I Do As A Certified MindSonar® Professional?
  • Understand what makes people tick. When that's your job, you appreciate a good tool that helps you do it.


  • Offer customers a language for inner processes. Many business people have a hard time discussing their inner experience. MindSonar helps with that.

  • Make the world a happier place. Conflicts, fights, failing relationships, they often have to do with differences in thinking styles.


  • Know what's there (Rather than suspect!) Intuition is good but sometimes you need to clear your own filters to see whats there.


  • Be accountable. With MindSonar you can actually show your customers the numbers. You can prove that your work has resulted in changes.


  • Work with a scientifically sound instrument. MindSonar's Crombach's Alpha is monitored on a regular basis.