Neuro Strategic Coach Certification®

Our program focuses on preparing coaches to serve organizations & the people who lead them. As a coach, you will leverage a powerful attitude, set of skills & approach that brings out the absolute best in others. You will shift from solving problems to aiding others in coming up with their own solutions. You will gain 60+ hours of coach-specific training that is fully aligned with the International Coaching Federation & can be leveraged toward I.C.F. accreditation. In addition, the training is global in terms of focus & accessibility & is designed to meet the scheduling needs of busy professionals.

The NSC® program is a 64.5 hour training completed online through live lectures and 

practicum sessions that meet twice a week for 3 months with a 3 day on site graduation intensive.

Why NSC®?

  • Learn and practice the skill set of coaching in an accelerated learning and supportive environment.


  • More hands-on practice than the average program with over 30 hours dedicated to practicum.


  • Receive 10 hours of one-on-one mentoring with a master coach. (Required for ICF accreditation)


  • Develop mastery and confidence in the ICF Core coaching competencies.


  • Learn to confidently conduct coaching sessions with any issue that your Person Being Coached (PBC) brings to the table.


  • Learn to start and market your coaching practice while integrating into a positive psychology based business.


  • Students receive personal peer to peer coaching.


The Program is an Approved Coaching Specific Training Hours (ACSTH) program through the International Coaching Federation (ICF). According to the ICF, coaching is described as a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires clients to maximize their personal and professional potential. Neuro Strategic based coaching integrates the scientific study of positive psychology and psycho-linguistics as tools, interventions, and measures that further both the client and the coach. NSC® students are able to uniquely position themselves as coaches who use scientifically proven approaches to help the Person Being Coached (PBC) achieve greater leadership, business and/or professional growth, communications intelligence, wellbeing, life satisfaction and personal mastery faster and more effectively.


How It's Done

  • 1 Weekly Two-Hour Webinar Class


  • 1 Weekly Sixty Minute Practicum & Supervision Class


  • Peer to Peer Coaching


  • Six One on One Mentor Coaching Sessions


  • Support In Working With Your Own Persons Being Coached (PBC's)


  • Onsite 3-day training & Final Graduation Intensive Event (Miami, FL)

Program Overview

  • Creating Awareness

  • Empowering The Client

  • Stretching The Client

  • Creating Action & Momentum

  • Navigating Needs & Values

  • Envisioning The Future

  • Multiple Personalities & Archetypes

  • Planning & Goal Setting (L.M.S.)

  • The Business Of Coaching

  • Targeting Your Niche

  • Building Your Unique Offer

  • Strategic Intervention & NLP Tools In Coaching

  • Igniting People's Passion To Work With You

  • Foundations of Coaching

  • Coaching Process & First Discovery Session


  • Ethical Guidelines

  • Basic Coaching Session Structure


  • The Coach's Mindset


  • Creating The Coach's Presence


  • Assessments


  • Forms, Contracts & Other Tools


  • Active Listening


  • Paraphrasing


  • Powerful Questioning


  • Staying Big, Creative & Curious


  • Non-Verbal Communication & Coaching


Upon completion of all requirements, graduates shall receive a certification as CERTIFIED NEURO STRATEGIC COACH & will meet the education & mentor coach requirements for ICF certification.